Club activities catalog

Club activities catalog

    • Conference "Innovator day"

    Subject of the Conference

    Innovator Day is addressed to students, researchers and entrepreneurs - it's more than interesting lectures and lectures.

    Participation in this event was an opportunity to establish contacts, exchange experiences and discuss about effective ways and methods of creating and implementing innovations, support opportunities for innovators, good practices of successful people, start-ups. Also presented are tools that allow you to solve your own technical problem, as well as finding a new market for an innovative solution, a technology that the company already has.

    During the conference, Students of the Silesian University of Technology were admitted to the Innovator Club.

    Presentation from the conference

    • Meetings with Mentor / Master

    Meetings with people who have achieved success in innovative business.

    The goal will be to show the career path on the example of a particular person.
    Meeting held in the form of a lecture / lecture at the Silesian University of Technology.

    Mentor's suggestions:

    CEO of zone investors
    Invited Guest Innovator
    Leader of an innovative project in the implementation phase
    President of the KSEZ Janusz Michałek "How to manage the best zone in Europe"
    Vice President of the KSEZ, Barbara Piontek - examples of Polish innovation implementations

    • Soft competences - trainings

    Training in the field of personal or interpersonal skills implemented in the form of a 3-hour workshop on thematic areas:
    time management,
    interpersonal communication,
    the art of presentation,
    Training conducted by CRK KSEZ - Joanna Cisek-Dąbrowska-coach, coach. Skills workshops soft taught at the university or at the headquarters of the KSEZ.

    • Work-life balance - "Living with a passion for innovation"

    Meeting with an interesting person, enthusiast, a person who combines work and passion in life. The aim is to inspire young people to realize their dreams / passions, show how to combine work and private life.

    • Innovative Study Tour with the Club - "Tour de Innovator Club"

    Possible Study Tour:

    Study tour related to the field of study / industry
    Visiting plants of technological and innovative companies
    Participation in the workshop (get to know the specificity of work) carried out, for example, on the site (willing to organize the project)

    • Specialist training completed with a certificate

    External training depending on the means

    Assessment of the potential of an innovative idea, development of an innovative idea (factors necessary for the successful development of an idea)
    What is the transfer of technology and what is the potential of entrepreneurs, success factors in technology transfer
    Intellectual property law

    • Invitations to the conference / workshops

    Sponsored invitations to conferences organized by the KSSE: an automotive conference or conferences in which KSSE is a partner.

    Invitation of several students for thematic workshops conducted as part of SA&AM.

    • Ethics in business

    ​ Training in ethics and moral attitudes in business.

    • Savoir vivre 

    A series of trainings on the principles of business savoir, diplomacy and everyday life

    • Contests - Sample topics:

    - For the best diploma thesis
    - For creative work in a group

    • "Design your Individual Development Path with the Club"

    The aim of the task is to encourage employers to create and propose to individual trainees individual career paths in the company - for example in exchange for signing a loyalty agreement.
    Organizing a meeting with entrepreneurs participating in the project, encouraging the initiative, preceded by training for representatives of these companies from the topic "Creating a career path within the organization"